Coming soon…

We want Keath Consulting to be more than just a web development company. We want it to be a community of small, medium, and large businesses who are committed to growing their brand online. In order to help grow this community we want to release weekly blog posts to help not only our customers but anyone else online who is interested in growing their online marketing efforts to know why it is important and what steps they need to take to do it.

We are offering this information for free because we really are devoted to helping people make better websites (even if we aren’t the company hired to do it).

Don’t believe me? Request a free consultation of your current website. You will not see a sales pitch for Keath Consulting in your final report. All we do is tell you what needs fixed, why, and how much it SHOULD cost. If you can’t find another company to do it (or just don’t want to) then we will gladly take the job. But if you do, no hard feelings. We just want to make the internet a better place.